Dirk Hendrickx – Vice President at Barco

Dirk Hendrickx started at Barco in 1997 and held various leadership positions within systemized integration control room business, corporate presentation, simulation and networked solutions. Mid 2013, Dirk Hendrickx was appointed VP Strategic Marketing tasked to re-define the strategy of the division. In 2014, Dirk Hendrickx was appointed to lead the Barco Operational Collaboration Systems business unit. Dirk Hendrickx


Visualization for better Situation Awareness

Shared Situation Awareness (SSA) affects decision-making, which affects performance of actions. SSA is affected by the actual state of the environment, as well as task/system factors and individual factors. Task/system factors include system capability, interface design, stress, workload, complexity, and automation. Next to its core focus on system capability and COP-visualization, Barco’s solution approach for mission-critical spaces is increasingly concentrating on reducing task complexity through workflow automation for single or multiple operators and smarter integration of domain-specific software components or applications. A brief overview of recent work will be provided.