Sylvain Gonnet – Program Director at Bull ATOS

Joined BULL an Atos company in 2013 to manage SICS. Before that i have spent 7 years abroad firstly in Ireland working for a branch of RIM (blackberry) before moving to Netherlands and worked for TomTom as a technical project manager and then being in charge of the migration of the main code line to a new architecture based on Webkit (IOS) and then initiating the migration to Android.


BULL Battle Management System and Luciad

As part of a project for the French MOD, Atos & LUCIAD are working together on delivering a BMS named SICS. The partnership has been kicked off in 2013. From this Project, new opportunities have popped-up and we have signed a master agreement between Atos – Luciad to extend our partnership starting from the product line called BULL BMS which will serve Command Post, Mounted or Dismounted soldiers.