Steven Borwell-Fox – Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Borwell

Steve is the founder and CEO of Borwell – secure software experts. All applications are secure by design. Specialisms include big data, collaborative working, systems integration and visualisation – using the high performance Luciad APIs. Most solutions are secure web applications and mobile apps. Desktop applications are provided for big data, geospatial and visualisation projects.

Under the cybx brand provide, the team provide penetration testing services, cyber security consulting, and vulnerability scanning products to improve the security of businesses.

The team work in many diverse sectors. Agile teams work rapidly to help customers systemise, transform and secure their operations.


Visualising and exploring open government dataset

The borwell team has produced several products built on the high performance Luciad APIs and products. The data.gov.uk web site is a UK Government project to make available non-personal UK government data as open data. It was launched January 2010. There are over 20,000 data sets. Two of these data sets have been selected for our Luciad based products. The products that Steve will demonstrate during his talk include the Flood Risk & Alerting Tool, and a Traffic Collisions Visual Analytics Tool. These have been presented to UK Insurance companies, who are yet to exploit these data sets.