Selcuk Bozdag – Technical Lead at Ayesas

Selcuk Bozdag joined AYESAS in 2015. At AYESAS, he works as the team leader of the Mission Planning Software project for UAVs. For about 15 years of experience in various areas including defense, health, and governmental enterprise projects, he keeps his focus on designing and building high-available, robust, secure and modular software systems. Selcuk Bozdag


How to Plan a Mission for Your UAVs?

In this technical presentation, AYESAS will deliver its invaluable software engineering experiences, challenges and outcomes in design and development of the two arbitrary projects titled as “Mission Planning Software for Unmanned Air Vehicles”. The core discussion will bring many interesting problems and requirements on the stage and try to highlight how AYESAS got them resolved using Luciad products. Our story will also emphasize the Luciad Services and the chemistry of having Luciad support within the project management.