Sebastiaan Helsen – Product Manger at Luciad

Sebastiaan Helsen joined Luciad in 2011 directly after finishing his studies as Master in Informatics at the University of Leuven. Starting as a Pre-sales Engineer he built up knowledge on Luciad products by presenting and demonstrating these products to prospects during the sales process. Now as a Product Manager he also feeds back information to the Innovations department to steer Luciad products to the needs of these prospects.


Lucy: Zero code applications, fully custom HMIs and everything inbetween

As of V2017.0, Lucy, Luciad’s desktop application framework is included by default in LuciadLightspeed. Lucy integrates the LuciadLightspeed capabilities in a single, configurable application. You can use it as a versatile data viewer, a COP, a tactical mission editor, and more. It’s ready to be used by end-users and for developers it just means less code to write.
In this session we will give an overview of many of the capabilities in Lucy to help you understand all you can do with Lucy from the start. It’s interesting for users, developers, and managers to better understand how far Lucy pushes the envelope already in terms of a geospatially enable application.