Oct 5, 2017


11:30 – Morning Breakout Sessions – Part 2

  1 hour, 30 minutes
  Studio 313-315, Studio 311-312, Studio 314-316

After the break we continue with more breakout sessions. Choose your favourite from three tracks or get your hands dirty during the Hackathon and create your own Luciad application.

TRACK 1: Exploit data on the battle field

TRACK 2: Collaboration is the new innovation

TRACK 3: Are you situationally aware?

Get your hands dirty at the Hackathon and create your own Luciad application

During the Hackathon you’ll be guided by Nele Coghe, Product Marketing Manager at Luciad, and Émeric Beaufays, Software Engineer at Luciad. They will help you create your own application making use of Luciad software. This session requires some technical skills and knowledge of coding. Also, bring your own device. While there’s a limited amount of seats, it’ll be first come, first serve. A bit of advice: Be Creative! The participant with the best solution will win a drone.

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