Peter Karidis – Managing Director & Founder at Palamir

Peter Karidis’ extensive 30 year background in the Urban Development landscape together with a parallel background in IT from a Lic Telecommunications Carrier, to the first 3G testbed in the Southern Hemisphere, to real-time Medical IoT and urban Big Data. PALAMIR is the culmination of Peter’s experience merging the analog and digital worlds together. specialises in the field of Geospatial Big Data which covers areas such as machine learning, IoT, IIoT, data governance, image recognition and analytics. We do this for government, defence, healthcare, finance and enterprise customers. Working with organisations to build geospatial systems and analytics that provide real outcomes such as smartBIM™, smartBIMCITY™ and smartBUILDINGS™ which can bring your city to life.


Building a RESILIENT CITY with Live Collaborative Smart Planning

With more than 50% of the world’s population living in cities we need to be smarter and more collaborative in the way we plan and integrate our cities for resource allocation and economic growth. How do we master-plan our cities collaboratively between Municipal Councils, Government, Architects, Planners and Property Developers? PALAMIR will present its C7i(tm) intuitive tool set which brings together a range of Big Data, old world GIS, BIM and other city models together with LucaidRIA.