Marc Melviez – Chief Executive Officer at Luciad

Mr. Marc Melviez joined Luciad in 2004, when the company was still a start-up. His first roles at Luciad were to create the company’s efficient organizational structure and to assemble a team of skilled managers.
In 2013, he was appointed as Group CEO and is now leading Luciad’s ambitious technological and corporate development plans.
Mr. Melviez holds a master’s degree in business engineering from the Solvay Brussels School. His career started at KPMG, where he was a financial auditor, and at Management Science America (MSA), where he was software applications specialist. He later created and managed several software companies, which he drove to fast growth and high profitability.
In addition to his leadership role at Luciad, Mr. Melviez serves on the board of W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) by Digital Wallonia, an organization that helps evaluate and fund promising digital start-ups in the French-speaking region of Belgium.
Marc Melviez


The Science behind a New Language

In his keynote, Luciad’s CEO will lift the veil on the science behind Luciad’s Visual Analytics. Humans are visual beings since more neurons in the brain are used for vision than for all other senses combined. Our visual cortex has evolved over eons to make humans a sophisticated cooperative species, and one of the key element in our evolution has been language. During this presentation, a number of questions will be addressed like “How can computers help us see and understand data?” and “Will machine learning and artificial intelligence improve our productivity and enhance our safety?”…