Manuel Esteve Domingo – Professor in the Communications Department at University of Valencia

Prof. Manuel Esteve (Dr.Ing.): Full Professor in the Communications Department at UPVLC with more than 25 years of experiece in the field of real time systems, communications and emergency management systems. He leads the Distributed Real-Time Systems Lab of UPVLC. He is involved in research projects relate with Command and Control Systems (C4ISR), during last 15 years. He led in the design of SIMACOP the Friendly Force Tracking C2IS system in use in the Spanish Army. In addition, he was UPVCL technical responsible person in the following EU projects PASR MARIUS, PASR CITRINE, FP6 IST DYVINE and SEC FP7 BOOSTER, DESTRIERO, AF3 and SECTOR. At the moment, he is technically responsible for the H2020 SEC projects SAURON, CAMELOT and VICTORIA. Currently he is the research leader of the cyber hybrid situational awareness application CyCOP, for the Spanish Joint Cyber Command. Manuel Esteve


Cyber Hybrid Common Operational Picture Application-CyCOP

The main innovation proposed by CyCOP is an advanced visualization tool with similar characteristics of a military situation awareness application. This application uses both the graph theory and the complexity theory and allows to the commanders to have a joint perception in the scope of earth, sea, air and cyber space as an integrated “battle field”, since the decisions taken in whatever of the fields affects the other three ones. Earth, sea, air, plus the cyber space, are represented as a unified space for the decision making process. Luciad has been integrated in CyCOP to visualize the relationship beetwen cyber space assets ande threats and real world units.