Glenn Croes – R&D Software Engineer at Luciad

Glenn Croes is a R&D Software Engineer who joined Luciad in the summer of 2014.
He holds a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Leuven.
In one of his first assignments at Luciad, he developed an award-winning application for the SESAR SWIM Masterclass.
He is currently developing and maintaining the LuciadRIA, LuciadLightspeed and LuciadFusion products.
In his Luciad career, Glenn has integrated LuciadRIA with a wide range of web technologies.


Integrating LuciadRIA with the latest web technologies

Web tech changes fast. You’ve just mastered Grunt and along come Gulp and Webpack. With LuciadRIA we want you to be able to use the latest and greatest web development tools. And you can…
This session gives an overview of a number of recent web technologies and how to best use LuciadRIA with these tools. A must attend for all front-end and full-stack developers.