Giuseppe (Pino) Nobile – Head Geospatial Section at NATO

Giuseppe (Pino) Nobile has been working at NATO Headquarters as Head of the Geospatial Section for the last 18 years where he provides the geospatial picture the North Atlantic Council. He holds a Bachelor of Science in “Information Systems Management” at University of Maryland (USA) and a Master in “Geopolitics Economic Globalization and International Institutions” at University of Teramo, Italy.


Assessing the global geospatial picture for NATO

For over 68 years, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has transformed and adapted to a rapidly changing world. The geospatial picture, provided to the North Atlantic Council (NAC) of NATO operations and focus areas, has always been an important element of the decision-making process. Understanding how more complex scenarios, in the big data era, can be summarized and depicted in clear executive map reports is the key to success for todays’ geospatial information system managers.