Frank Suykens – Chief Technology Officer at Luciad

Frank Suykens is both the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Luciad. He has been leading the development, roadmap and strategy of Luciad Products for over 10 years and is responsible for all research at Luciad.

Prior to joining Luciad in 2003, Frank was R&D Engineer at Barco and held positions of Researcher and Postdoctoral associate at the Computer Graphics Research group at the University of Leuven. Frank obtained a M.Sc. in Engineering at the University of Leuven in 1995, and a Ph.D. in Engineering at the same university in 2002.

Frank Suykens


The one minute data manager

More sensors, more satellites, more point clouds, more data. Getting more value out of all this data is the biggest challenge that users and operations are currently facing. Luciad’s mission is to turn everyone into both a data manager and a data user. The time from sensor to user needs to be reduced and users need to be able to easily work with diverse data in operational systems. In this keynote, Luciad’s CTO will explain how Luciad is executing this mission through its zero/low preprocessing server solution, LuciadFusion, and its flexible application platforms. One minute is all a user needs to enable new data sources within his system. Whether it is imagery, point clouds or 3D city data, you can be in control of your data again!