Dr. Thomas Gern – CEO at Innovative Navigation GmbH

After his studies of computer science at the university of Stuttgart, Germany, Thomas wrote his PhD thesis titled “Automatic generation of river charts” at the institute of system dynamics and control, university of Stuttgart. His research was focused on fully automatic radar based target tracking and multi sensor evaluation to create charts for an autonomous inland vessel. In 1999 he founded the company IN – Innovative Navigation GmbH, Kornwestheim, Germany, together with two colleagues as a spin-off from the university. Since then, he is a managing director of IN. As head of development, he is a leading the largest division of IN.


Integrating LuciadRIA into high performance maritime applications

LuciadRIA has been evaluated as a very beneficial basis for the further extension of the product portfolio of IN – Innovative Navigation GmbH – for its high performance maritime applications. The presentation covers the reasons for this decision, planned products and first results of the integrated application.