Darren Butler – Chief Scientist at SOS

Dr. Darren E. Butler earned his PhD in Image and Video Processing from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Prior to joining Special Operations Solutions (SOS), Dr. Butler worked at SRI International developing advanced computer vision algorithms for aerial video surveillance, image-based change detection, mosaicking and geo-registration. He spent a year as a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has deployed numerous technologies in support of the warfighter. At SOS, Dr. Butler leads the R&D track and was instrumental in the selection and integration of Luciad technology into their product offerings


Contextual Full Motion Video

The military’s strategic vision to fully maximize data collected by various intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)and reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisitions (RSTA) platforms is based on its opportunity to capitalize on innovative solutions, such as sensor and data fusion. ISR platforms integrate state-of-the-art technologies and sub-systems into an airborne system intended to observe, detect, identify, and neutralize threats. Currently, many full-motion video (FMV) assets do not have the ability to visualize vector data with live or recorded FMV. Recently, SOS launched GeoFOCIS, which is a geospatial visualization software with a database backend. GeoFOCIS allows analysts or sensor operators to query the database and visualize any vector data directly on the FMV feed. This enables the user to add context to the video feed by overlaying information such as significant activity reports (SIGACTs), checkpoints, police stations, situational reports (SITREPs) and other intelligence sources, etc. Adding context to the video can potentially decrease the probability of a false detection and further mitigate the false alarm rates associated with various systems. This not only boosts situational awareness, but also provides streamlined, intuitive, actionable information in real time.