Chris Usher – Chief Operating Officer & EVP at ION Geophysical

Chris Usher is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of E&P Operations Optimization at ION’s Devices and Software division. Chris brings to his position over thirty years commercial and leadership expertise in the Oil & Gas sector. He also has extensive, hands-on experience in seismic data processing and imaging, new product commercialization, and software development. Chris began his career in field operations at Western Geophysical. In 2000, he joined PGS as President of its global data processing division. From 2004 to 2005, he served as Senior Corporate Vice President, Integrated Services, at Paradigm Geotechnology in London. In 2005, Chris joined Landmark Software and from 2010, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Global Geophysical until he joined ION in 2012. Chris is a graduate of Yale University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in geology and geophysics. He is a frequent speaker at key industry conferences and events. Chris lives in Denver, Colorado


Optimizing maritime operations with Luciad technology

This presentation will provide an overview of ION’s current software and services business in the Oil & Gas sector, which has been built around the company’s navigation command and control software solutions that are employed in the majority of geophysical operations worldwide. As the oil and gas industry moved into the Arctic, ION developed a unique Ice Management solution which won industry awards, but also presented a range of new data and display challenges. Core elements from this arctic solution were then adopted to target a more generalized set of worldwide marine operations challenges, for Oil & Gas and other adjacent markets. With a new solution analogous to “air traffic control for the marine environment”, spanning situational awareness, SimOps, and fleet optimization globally, ION reviewed their GIS requirements for these complex applications. The company found their homegrown GS mapping solution was not robust enough to handle real time project views across multiple geographical locations, so ION sought out a suitable third party architecture to provide a cutting edge GIS layer, and selected Luciad to provide an efficient route to achieve both technical and commercial objectives. Whilst still early in their partnership with Luciad, ION will outline how they are now enabling their clients to view multiple projects globally, and highlight future plans, such as incorporating Luciad Ria into an online visualization and dashboard reporting platform.