Bunly Nev- Chief Software Engineer at Airbus Elancourt

Since 2016 Bunly Nev has been a Chief Software Engineer working at Airbus Defence and Space on IMINT projects. Prior to that he was a software engineer at Airbus on IMINT projects, Command Control Systems, and Military Information Systems. In his career he has also gained a rich experience working on Motion Capture and CGI.
His areas of interests focus on Computer hardware, cinema, travel and martial arts.


Image processing in the browser powered by LuciadFusion Studio

How to get powerful image processing in the browser and enhance your server side imagery wityh on-the-fly processing straight from the browser?
Together with Airbus Defense and Space, Luciad developed a proof of concept to enable image processing in LuciadRIA using a custom SLD layer factory in LuciadFusion and an interactive preview porthole powered on the backend by a Spring Controller (REST service) with a TLspOffScreenView.
This tech talk will demonstrate a nice use case on image enhancement and server configuration and at the same time showcase the power of LuciadFusion’s server platform in combination with LuciadRIA’s visualization capabilities. So it’s not only imagery folks that will want to attend…