Ben Casewell – Senior Software Engineer at Thales UK

A Senior Software Engineer, specialising in GIS within Thales UK’s Air Operations and Weapons (Air C2 & C4I) business. Ben has contributed to the GIS design and development of the in-service and next generation AirScape Situational Awareness He has 19 years’ experience within Thales, working for both Maritime Mission Support and Air Operations and Weapons. Ben has worked across a range of roles and products, and now specialises in GIS supporting GIS development across Thales UK and the wider Thales group.


Journey to the Next Gen SA and beyond

The presentation will tell a story about AirScape history with a focus on the last 3 years, the latest technology refresh and migration of AirScape SA to use Luciad products

The story will touch on the following topics :

Much loved/trusted in-service system – rich functionality, reliable, polished, high bar set
Why Luciad – highest scoring candidate in GIS Decision Analysis Report; good working relationship (10yrs this year), licensing model
Approach and Principles – Open Standards used wherever possible and practical, COTS in preference to in-house solutions
Luciad Products – LLS, Lucy, Fusion,
Lucy framework, offload work packages to a vendor we trust, de-risk complex functionality through consultancy, make best use of the development support resources
Interoperability – big geo-data via OGC open standard, with no compromise on performance
Working together – exploring the art of the possible with future AirScape – FIA 2016
Ideation – inspired by Luciad Conferences (e.g. 4D) and online resources
Beyond the Next Generation – Web based clients (LuciadRIA) – minimal migration cost